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Why Are Manhole Covers Round

Mar. 22, 2021

Why Are Manhole Covers Round

They are an easily overlooked feature of urban life: manhole covers dotted with urban streetscapes. But why is the manhole cover round?

Since there is no angle to align, the round shape makes these heavy covers easier to put on again after they are taken off. The round cover is also easier to manufacture.

But the main reason why the manhole covers are round is that they will not accidentally fall into the manhole covers. With a round lid, no matter how you take it, you can't put it in. It just doesn't go. If it is square, a prankster can put the lid diagonally on the hole and throw it in, who knows how many motorcycles and pedestrians follow.

If you have the habit of looking down at your feet while walking, you may notice that most manhole covers and covers are round. Or you once asked this question during a job interview. This question appears very frequently. He wants to know your fast thinking ability and is not very interested in the correct answer, but this is a good question. Among all the possible manhole cover shapes, why choose a round shape?

There are many reasons. The manhole cover is round because it is the best shape to resist the compression of the surrounding soil. Round manhole covers are easier to manufacture than square or rectangular ones, and because manhole covers are heavy, round manhole covers are easier to move (just roll them!) Another advantage is that workers don’t need to arrange manhole covers at any angle to make them round. The shaped manhole cover is easy to slide to the proper position.

But perhaps the biggest reason the manhole cover is round is that the round manhole cover cannot fall off the circular opening.

The round manhole cover will not fall through the circular opening, because no matter how you position it, the manhole cover is wider than the hole. But if a square, rectangular or oval manhole cover is inserted obliquely, it may fall in. This is bad news for inadvertent pedestrians and drivers.

Why is the manhole cover round? Could it be a structural reason? Why is the manhole cover not square? So it is difficult to install the cover. You have to rotate the lid to the correct direction. Therefore, many manhole covers are round and do not need to be rotated. There are no corners to deal with. In addition, the round manhole cover will not fall into the hole because it rotates in the wrong direction, so it is safer.

There may be other reasons why rounded corners are a problem, and why round shape is better. The round manhole cover cannot scratch itself. Because it is round, it is easier to transport. One person can scroll it.

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