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Advantages Of HDPE Pipe

Dec. 17, 2020

Advantages Of HDPE Pipe

High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is thermoplastic pipe made of a material that can be melted and reconstituted. It's tough, flexible and durable. It has excellent chemical and environmental stress cracking resistance.

HDPE seems to be a new product compared to existing infrastructure such as ductile iron, concrete or PVC. In fact, it has been used successfully in a variety of pipeline applications for over 50 years.

The outstanding physical and performance advantages of HDPE pipe make them ideal for piping systems.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion is one of the most expensive problems associated with metal piping systems. It occurs both inside and outside the pipe and affects hydraulic efficiency. Many cities use water to slow the inevitable rusting and erosion of iron pipes. Others opt for expensive cathodic protection, plastic coating or casing in an attempt to extend the life of the pipe.

Unlike traditional metal infrastructure products, HDPE pipe do not rust, rot or corrode. It is resistant to biological growth. This means longer service life and savings in long-term costs.

Fatigue resistance

HDPE pipes are flexible and ductile, not rigid. Excellent fatigue resistance. Unlike other plastic pipe, it is designed and rated to cope with the occasional and recurrent surge events that are common in water distribution systems.

In many cases, this will enable you to use thinner HDPE pipes than other types of plastic pipes.

Extended service life

HDPE pipe is a safe and durable product that is perfect for your plumbing infrastructure. The life of HDPE is estimated to be between 50 and 100 years, depending on the application, design, and installation.

Leak-free joints

Conventional infrastructure pipes are connected by bell-shaped and faucet or mechanical joints and have a specific leakage factor. HDPE piping systems can be combined with hot melt to produce permanent leak-free joints.

Fusion joints

HDPE piping systems can be connected to hot-melt welding. Hot melt involves heating two HDPE surfaces and then combining them to form a permanent, monolithic, leak-free system.

Unlike fusion processes developed for other plastic pipes, HDPE's fusion process is proven and has been used in the natural gas industry for more than 40 years. In the United States, about 95 percent of gas distribution lines are heat-fused polyethylene lines.

It is not difficult to fuse HDPE pipes, and personnel can be trained in the process.


In addition to hot-melt HDPE connections, HDPE pipes can also be connected to spikes or mechanical fittings.

These accessories are available in a variety of options, depending on your pipe size and application.


HDPE pipe can be easily switched back and forth between non-HDPE piping systems through mechanical joints, spike fittings, and mechanical and flange connections.


In addition to its excellent physical properties, HDPE is known for its minimal impact on the environment:

HDPE requires less energy to make than non-plastic pipes.

HDPE is lightweight and generally more cost-effective than metal pipes.

HDPE's flexibility, combined with hot-melt connections, means fewer connections are needed.

In trenchless installations, the physical properties of HDPE pipes allow you to use smaller pipes with less interference to the ground than when installing other fusible products.

HDPE pipe combines with hot melt to provide a leak-free connection.

HDPE does not release potentially dangerous levels of toxins to the ground during production, fusion or use.

HDPE pipe can be cycled back to non-pressure piping applications.

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